Anne Happy Review: Cute Girls, Bad Luck, and Yuri

Anne Happy is a slice-of-life comedy about five girls who have extraordinarily bad luck. Because of their terrible luck, the five characters are enrolled in a "Happiness Class" that is supposed to help them with their misfortune. However, instead of offering therapy, this class offers utterly insane interesting activities for the girls to participate in, making their … Continue reading Anne Happy Review: Cute Girls, Bad Luck, and Yuri


Anime Epiphany

Hey, my name is Rai. Before diving in too deep, let me introduce myself- I am a 24 year-old, lesbian otaku. I am a 90’s child that grew up watching anime like Pokemon, Yugi-Oh, Dragonball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, Hamtaro, and the list goes on… Throughout the past ten years, I have trolled around the internet under the pseudonym Rai. … Continue reading Anime Epiphany