My Anime Fall 2016 Watch List- Cute Girls, Magical Girls, and Yuri Girls

Hello everyone! I have officially begun all of the anime I plan to watch for this season. Sometimes I will start watching more anime if I hear good things about them and become interested, but these are the shows I am watching as of right now. It should be pretty obvious from the art, genres, and title what kind of anime I like- mostly anything that involves loli or moe girls, girls that use magic or supernatural powers, girls with yuri tendencies… basically anything with a large cast of cute girls. I do watch shows with male characters, but there seem to be a lot this season with muscular or BL fan service, so I am not very interested. But if cute girls are your thing, scroll below to see everything I am watching this season.

Cute/Yuri Shows Airing Their Second Season

Show By Rock! Season 2


Hibikie! Euphonium Season 2


Magical Girl Shows

Magical Girl Raising Project


Matoi The Sacred Slayer


Potential Yuri

Flip Flappers


Izetta: The Last Witch


The Kawaii is Overwhelming!

Stella No Mahou


Girlish Number


Cutesy Sports Anime

Long Riders!


Scorching Ping Pong Girls



There is a chance I might drop some of these, but I always try to keep watching as long as possible, and don’t  drop something unless I really don’t like it. If juggling so many anime is too overwhelming, sometimes I put a show or two on hold and just marathon them at the end of the season. I will make an update about what shows I drop or put on hold later in the season. I will also give my thoughts and opinions on the shows as they progress.

If there are any shows you think I might like or that you highly suggest, let me know! I am open to watch anything (except Keijo or Yuri On Ice x3).


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