Halloween Laughs- 10 Spooky Anime Episodes That Are Lighthearted and Comical

Over the last few days, I have noticed a huge amount of blog posts and articles about horror anime to watch for Halloween. However, not everyone is a horror aficionado or simply may not like being frightened. In my time as an otaku, I have watched plenty of Halloween anime specials that are funnier than they are scary. So I decided to write this post about Halloween episodes that are lighthearted and comical for the fans that don’t like a lot of spine-tingling scares. All of these episodes are fillers, specials, or part of a slice-of-life anime, so you don’t really have to worry about spoilers if you decide to check these out. The episodes are in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Sailor Moon Episode #20-  The Summer, the Beach, Youth and Ghosts


In this filler episode, Usagi, Ami, and Rei decide to go on vacation during their summer break and stay at a pension house. However, they failed to realize that this house’s gimmick is providing its guests with scary thrills. The employees of this mansion are dressed as and act like monster movie characters. On top of this, a strange ghostly figure haunts the mansion, which scares the employees and Usagi. The girls need to figure out what is causing this ghost’s appearance and also help a little girl who lives in the mansion.

This is an incredibly silly episode. There is no seriousness at all. The scary characters are completely over exaggerated as are Usagi’s reactions to them. The episode is enjoyable because you get to laugh at the ridiculousness. As a side note, this episode never aired in the United States. This is probably because the little girl’s father is borderline abusive and they didn’t want to show this to American kids. I highly recommend watching it if you never got the chance to do so when it originally premiered.

2. Attack On Titan: Junior High Episode #8- Spine-chiller! Titan Junior High School


Attack On Titan: Junior High is a spin-off of the massively popular Attack On Titan franchise. Because the original series is so serious, this side project is meant to be funny and make fun of the characters. And they did a fantastic job. They exaggerate all of the characters’ personalities and add in a big dose lunacy to make for big laughs. This scary episode takes this formula, but add in spooky thrills to make things hilarious.

In this episode, the members of Class 1-04 are challenged by their senpai to a test of courage where they need to go to the school at night and do a scavenger hunt. The group gets terrified and splits up, running into all kinds of nightmarish traps. Insanity ensues with a mixture of funny, hair-raising moments, which make for one of my favorite “test of courage” episodes in anime.

3. Maria Holic Alive Episode #10- Holy Man’s Scapegoat


Maria Holic is about a lesbian named Kanako who purposely enrolls herself in an all-girls school so she can find a girlfriend. However, her roommate  and his maid are haughty and cynical, and love to mess with Kanako. One of the tricks they play on her is giving her a cursed rosary. The rosary makes “an adorable little girl” haunt Kanako every night, and she tries to get rid of the rosary. While much of the episode focuses on Kanako’s yuri fantasies, it does have many funny elements of horror. For Kanako, part of her terror is trying to get rid of a male priest who won’t leave her alone.

I need to point out that this is one of the most ridiculous, unbelievable shows in existence. And it is absolutely hilarious. If you do end up watching this episode or this series, just be prepared for complete ludicrousness and to have no idea what is going on.

4. Cardcaptor Sakura Episode #17- Sakura’s Terrifying Test of Courage


While on a school trip to the beach, Sakura and her friends need to be part of a test of courage. Sakura, who hates ghosts and anything scary, is completely against the idea, but the teachers have all of the students participate. While walking through the cave, Sakura and Tomoyo notice that all of the students before them have vanished. Sakura realizes it is the work of a Clow Card and uses Li-Kun’s help to defeat it and get the students back.

This episode is definitely a little more serious and less comical than some of the other ones I mention in this post. However, I think it is still gives the audience creepy vibes without being overly scary. While I haven’t completed the entire series, I have noticed that Cardcaptor Sakura has a tendency to have eerie themes. Many of the mischievous Clow Cards are mistaken for ghosts and ghouls. One of Sakura’s friends is also a huge fan of scary stories and rumors. Some other episodes I have seen so far that have a scary atmosphere  are “Sakura and Memories Of Her Mother” and “Sakura, Tomoyo, and a Wonderful Song.”

5. Non Non Biyori Episode #6- I Became a Ghost and Tried Hard


Non Non Biyori is slice-of-life anime about girls who live in rural Japan and go on adventures. In the episode I Became A Ghost and Tried Hard, there is a short segment where the girls do a test of courage in the forest. Koma-chan is a scaredy cat and decides to be the scarer because she thinks it will be less frightening than going through the test herself. However, as the scarer, she is left alone in the dark as she waits to scare the others. Her imagination gets the best of her and she ends up scaring herself instead.

Her utter and adorable failure makes for a great laugh. This segment happens in the middle of the episode. The first half of the episode isn’t scary… Unless you find Hotaru’s habit of making plushies of her senpai disturbing.

6. Ouran High School Host Club Episode #21- Until the Day It Becomes a Pumpkin


At the fancy and rich Ouran High School, students are allowed to hold extravagant events in celebration of Halloween. Haruhi’s class decides to set up a test of courage at the school during Halloween night. Haruhi, the twins, and the class rep are placed as scarers. However, Tamaki, the president of the Host Club, is jealous that the twins get to enjoy this event with Haruhi. Because of this, he, Nekozawa-senpai, and the other members of the Host Club create an elaborate scheme to scare the pants off of the twins during the test of courage.

Ouran High School Host Club is one of the funniest anime I have seen. The art is so creative and poignant that you can’t help but chuckle at it. The characters’ personalities and reactions are priceless. This and all of the spooky fun make a hilarious Halloween episode.

7. Sakura Trick Episode #4– Is This a Test of Courage?!


Sakura Trick is a yuri anime about two girls, Haruka and Yuu, who realize that their relationship goes past normal friendship. In one episode, their friends set up a test of courage (?) and so Haruka and Yuu walk through a forest together to pass the test. Because she is suspicious of their relationship, Yuu’s older sister, Mitsuki, follows them and calls out to Yuu. Yuu gets scared and claims there is a ghost, which freaks out Mitsuki who begins to run. In the confusion, the girls don’t realize that Mitsuki was the one scaring them (and herself).

Sakura Trick episodes are broken into two parts, and Is This A Test Of Courage?! is the second segment of Episode #4. This anime is adorable with a lot of chibi art and cutesy moments that make me giggle. However, I need to warn everyone who hasn’t seen this anime that it has very strong yuri, and fan service.

8. Love Live! Season 2 Episode #6- Happy Halloween

With their growing popularity, the girls in Muse are invited to perform in a Halloween Event. To make a big impression, the girls decide to change their image so they can have more “impact.” In doing so, they experiment with different (and ridiculous) images, costumes, and personas, which leads to many funny moments. In the end, the girls decide to just be themselves and dress up in personalized Halloween outfits. Because of the event, the Autumn season, and the fact they are in Akihabara, there are numerous Halloween decorations everywhere as well as many people dressed up in costumes. This creates a spooky yet adorable environment throughout the course of the episode.

9. The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya Episode #13-The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya Part 13


In this crazy spin-off of the infamous The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya, Haruhi decides she wants to celebrate Halloween, but really isn’t sure how. Therefore, she does some research and begins making things up as she goes. This includes bossing around the other members of the SOS Brigrade and making a strange pumpkin idol. As with this spin-off and Haruhi’s strong yet odd personality, insanity ensues.


10. Rei-kan- The Whole Series


Rei-kan is a slice-of-life anime about a girl with psychic powers, who has the ability to talk to ghosts. However, this anime isn’t eerie or scary. The ghost that communicate with Hibiki are cutesy, chibi, or funny, such as an old school samurai. The ghouls follow Hibiki around and cause all kinds of trouble, creating many comical situations. Aside from the ghosts, the other characters are funny as well. Inoue is terrified of ghosts and frequently gets freaked out by all of the paranormal activity that happens around Hibiki. Then there is my favorite character, Makoto, who is obsessed with undead and zombie dolls.

Every episode has ghosts, supernatural happenings, and funny moments. This series would make for a great binge watch tonight on Halloween!


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