5 Kawaii Holiday Anime Episodes To Watch This Christmas!

Firstly, happy holidays to everyone reading this, no matter what holiday you celebrate or religion you practice. Below are five adorable Christmas (and New Years) anime episodes that are cute and heartfelt, perfect to watch if you want something lighthearted and cheerful for the holiday season. Please enjoy!

Is The Order A Rabbit? Episode 11- The Girl Dons a Red Coat and Drives a Team of Rabbits Across the Christmas Eve Night Sky 


The girls playing with children as they help out around the cafe.

The title of this episode is pretty misleading. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see any rabbits flying across the night sky. However, we do get to see the adorable Christmas adventures of Chino, Cocoa, and the other girls from this iconic slice of life anime. First, the girls visit the local Christmas market, enjoying the holiday ambiance and shopping at the many different vendors. The next day on Christmas, the girls work hard at their cafes, making sure all of their guests are having an enjoyable holiday dinner. After a day of hard work, the entire cast gets together to have their own Christmas celebration. Later that night, Chino gets a visit from a very scatterbrained Santa!

This episode will make you smile, laugh, and really get into the holiday spirit.

Yuru Yuri Episode 7- Christmas 


Ayano and Yui sitting awkwardly on their Christmas date.

YuruYuri is a silly slice of life anime about middle school girls who hang out in a tearoom and have yuri tendencies. In this Christmas episode, Kyoko, the ringleader of the group, decides that everyone is going to go on “dates” for Christmas, since the holiday is very popular for couples in Japan. The girls draw straws and embark on their dates with their selected partner. Some dates go better than others. Akari and Chitose bound over tissues and pickled radishes; Kyoko tries to seduce Chinatsu on their movie date; Sakurako and Himawari argue over lunch; and Ayano and Yui sit in the park the whole time, unsure of what to do with themselves. After the Christmas dates, we also get to see the girls’ New Years.

This episode is funny and random (as are all YuruYuri episodes) and portrays something many people are familiar with: the awkwardness of going to holiday gatherings with people you don’t know very well and having no idea what to do.

Soni-Ani: The Super Sonico The Animation Episode 11- A Saint Is Coming To Town


Super Sonico dressed up as a sexy Santa Claus as she tries to help the shopping district.

Super Sonico is a mascot and idol, known for her voluptuous figure and extremely revealing merchandise. Despite this, the anime that Super Sonico stars in is actually very sweet and cute, though not without its fanservice. In Episode 11, Super Sonico’s town is celebrating Christmas. Her family and friends all work in a local shopping district and are expecting there to be a big holiday turnout. However, a new department store opens and begins stealing customers from them. So how does the shopping district fight back? With fanservice! Sonico and her friends dress up in sexy Santa Claus outfits, but the department store fights back by inviting popular idols and celebrities. In a final push to save their businesses, the shopping district invites the real Santa Claus, who helps grant the dreams of a little girl.

This episode is cute, funny, and has some very sexy Santa Clauses. However, the ending is heartfelt, sweet, and possibly worthy of shedding a tear or two.

Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 8- Umaru and Christmas and New Year’s


Umaru all excited to celebrate Christmas.

The infamous Umaru-chan is a teenage girl who is both an otaku and extremely lazy. Like always, this episode starts out with Umaru lazing around and goofing off. Because of the snow and cold weather, her brother decides to bring out the kotatsu (so jealous!), which gives Umaru another excuse to slack off. Next, it is the night of Christmas and Umaru is excited to celebrate with her onii-chan. However, he needs to stay late at work that night, and Umaru is afraid her Christmas is going to be spoiled. Finally, around 10 o’clock, her brother and friend Kirie-chan show up and they are able to enjoy Christmas together. A few days later, Umaru and her brother celebrate New Year’s. First, they have a little party and snack on junk food. Then, they visit a shrine and make their New Year’s wishes. Umaru promised her brother that she would begin to take things seriously this year, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 36 & 37- The Shining Tear: Celebrating Christmas With Just The Two of UsMiracle of the Holy Night – No Secrets Anymore


Official art from the Tokyo Mew Mew manga.

Tokyo Mew Mew is an older magical girl series (my favorite of all time) about magical girls who are given the genes of endangered animals to fight off aliens who are trying to destroy the earth. This Christmas special starts out cheery and cute. We get to see the Mew Mew girls all dressed up and cheerful for the holidays as they work at Mew Mew Cafe (which is really a front for their magical girl operations). Ichigo, the main character, is excited to go on date with her boyfriend Masaya. However, she starts questioning her relationship with him because he is so hardworking and she is so scatterbrained. When she sees her friend depressed, Zakuro helps Ichigo pick out a Christmas present for Masaya. The couple plan to have their Christmas date at the local tree lighting, but then their alien enemies attack!

The first part of this Christmas special ends here, and the fight continues into the next episode, which is  honestly less focused on Christmas. Instead, it shows the Mew Mew’s fight with the aliens, and dives deep into Ichigo’s and Masaya’s relationship. However, it does have a Christmas-y feel toward the end when Masaya and Ichigo make up. But WARNING- the end contains major spoilers!

While Tokyo Mew Mew is an adorable anime, these Christmas episodes are not as lighthearted and cute as the other ones mentioned on this list. Because of Ichigo’s confusion, the episode is very angsty, and overly dramatic. However, the episode are very enjoyable if you want to see some romantic drama, and your favorite Mew Mews dressed up for the holidays.


6 thoughts on “5 Kawaii Holiday Anime Episodes To Watch This Christmas!

  1. remyfool says:

    Great picks! I’ve only seen GochiUsa’s and YY’s myself, unfortunately.

    I remember kind of being into Tokyo Mew Mew as a kid in middle school, but I never watched a single episode. That’s a bit strange. I’m going to have to change that one day.

    Happy holidays!


    • Rai says:

      I would definitely check out the manga for Tokyo Mew Mew. It is much better. I enjoyed the anime, but they catered it more towards little kids. Thanks for reading and happy holidays to you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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