My Anime Watch List For Winter 2017 And My Thoughts So Far

It is already half way through the season and I just realized that I never posted the anime I am watching this season! So far, I have been able to keep up with all of these series (somehow). Here is my list, my reasons for watching these shows, and my current thoughts on them.

Because I Enjoyed The First Season

Blue Exorcist


I am very interested in demons, mythology, and religion, so I watched the first season of Blue Exorcist not long after it came out. I really love the show’s characters, especially Rin who reminds me of my fiance (hotheaded, but kindhearted). I also really like Shiemi and her adorable familiar. I am really enjoying this new season. The first episode was kind of a mishmash of exposition and melodrama, but the story has really improved overall.



This anime. It is just so ridiculous that I can’t help but laugh. I loved the first season, its characters, and its cynical humor. All of these elements are still included in the season and I am enjoying it. Megumin ❤

Because I’ve Have Read The Manga 

Gabriel Dropout


I began reading this manga on a whim, and absolutely adored it. I was ecstatic when I heard about the anime adaption a couple months back. The characters, especially Satanya, are adorable and hilarious. Their interactions are always funny because of their quirks, and I love all of the allusions to Heaven and Hell. The anime is just as funny and enjoyable as the manga, and I always look forward to watching it.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


I started reading the manga a while back because it was already known as for its yuriness among hardcore yuri fans. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it sounds like such a strange concept. However, I was instantly enthralled by the manga’s comedy, accurate depiction of dragon mythology, and, of course, the strong yuri. They have done an amazing job with the anime adaption and it has to be one of my favorites this season. Toru and Kanna are perfection.

Interviews With Monster Girls


I love, love, love anything to do with monster girls, so this is another manga I became reading online a while ago. I really enjoy the way the series portrays monsters in modern day society and how it deals with their issues in a mature manner. I also can’t help but adore the demi-chans. I do admit the harem-ness with the teacher does bother me. A lot. I feel that there is no reason for it to be included in this series. I never read far enough to find out what actually happens with the girls and their relationship with their sensei, but I am routing for Hikari x Yukki.

Because I Can’t Resist Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

Schoolgirl Strikers


Most posts and comments I have seen about this show complain that is an extremely average show, and I agree. And yet… I LOVE IT. The concept is cliche and the battles are a little bland, but I am in love with the characters. They all have their quirks and yet they aren’t forced like in some shows. Each character has something I really like about them. There is also some character development among the girls, which is nice. One reason why I think I that I enjoy it so much is that it has a lot of my favorite voice actresses, such as Chino from Is The Order a Rabbit? Another aspect that I like about the show is that all of the battles are seeped with the characters’ silliness. In one episode, they use volleyballs to fight. In another, they are all wearing bikinis while firing machine guns. And I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. If you want something deep, analytical, or logical, don’t watch this show. But if you want to laugh and enjoy a bunch of quirky girls in strange situations, give this a shot. Despite what everyone is saying, this another one of my favorites for this season. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is some yuri too :3

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club


I was surprised when I first heard about this anime, considering Long Riders! just aired not that long ago. I wasn’t planning on watching it, but I heard good things about it and I liked the animation. Much to my surprise, I really like it. It isn’t anything innovative, but I like the characters (the tan girl and the ojou-sama <3) and the show is actually really helpful since I know nothing about bikes. In all honestly, I can’t ride a bike. My parents tried to teach me for years, my friends have tried, and my fiance has tried, all to no avail. A lot of it has to do with my anxiety and the fact I have a bad hip. But maybe, just maybe, learning more about bikes can help me ride one in the future. Other than information about bikes, the show has a nice ambiance; I particularly like the music.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge


Okay, this one doesn’t really count as cute girls doing cute things, but I am going to be honest and admit that I started watching this because I thought the girls were cute. Aki, the main female character, represents my weakness: a mature-looking girl with pigtails. On top of this, Neko looks very much like Asuna, who is my ultimate waifu. Although I started watching this for shallow reasons, I have come to really enjoy it. I am not a big fan of the harem genre, but this one is unique in my opinion. It has a different dynamic than most harem anime, which is refreshing. Besides being cute, all of the girls have interesting personalities and complexities. This is in contrast to how Masamune perceives women: all the same. I am interested in the psychology of Masamune and the other characters in the show. I definitely want to write about them at some point.

Idol Incidents


I have seen a lot of hate for this series. Most of the comments I have seen are things like, “There are better idol anime out there” which might be true. However,  one comment that I can’t understand is “It is just another cliche idol anime.” This isn’t true. At all. The premise is completely different than other idol anime where the girls just hard work, sing, and dance. In Idol Incidents, the girls are singers, dancers, and politicians. The idea is so absurd, but somehow works in a weird way. The girls have no political experiences or credentials and yet they seem to be better at helping people than actual government officials. This, and the whole anime itself, is satire, poking fun at corrupt politicians and how people indiscriminately love idols with no questions asked. If you want to watch an idol anime that makes sense and has a deep purpose, don’t watch this anime. However, if you love idols and nonsensical fun, I highly recommend this one. It is also quite poignant if you live in the USA right now.

Urara Meirochou


The moment I saw this title and its character design, I knew needed to watch it. The girls are super moe, and the animation and backgrounds are gorgeous. I am also fascinated by fortune telling. I practice tarot cards and learning about other forms of fortune telling really engrosses me. My only major complaint is the fan service. This show really doesn’t need it because it has enough going for it already. I don’t mind the yuri bait so much; what I don’t like is when they show off the girls sexually. It is problematic considering they look so young. If it weren’t for this flaw, this would probably be my number one for this season. Discounting the flaw, it is up there on my list of favorites.

Because I Like Horror and Mystery

Chaos; Child


Even though I am completely obsessed with cuteness, I am actually a very big fan of horror. I went into Chaos; Child not realizing it was a horror show, but I instantly became interested when it began to explore eerie deaths and mysteries. Although the story is all over the place, I have continued to watch this show because it has good elements. The concept is very interesting and I also really like the scary scenes. The animation, creative direction, and music help make it incredibly creepy, and I love it. I am hoping that the story becomes less confusing and everything fits together into a satisfying conclusion.

On Hold For Now

Akiba’s Trip


I have very mixed feelings when it comes to fan service. The amount I can tolerate depends on its portrayal and how much I like the show (for example, I am still watching Urara despite the fan service). At first, the fan service didn’t bother me in Akiba’s Trip because it was utterly ridiculous and made me laugh. But as the series has gone on, it has gotten worse (Episode 3 was really bad). I really love the characters  and animation in this show, so part of me wants to continue watching it. The problem is that there are some episodes I like and others that are just mediocre. I am already juggling so many shows, so I put this one on the side for now. At the end of the season, I will try watching it again to see if it is worth finishing.



I watched the first season of Rewrite and enjoyed it, although it isn’t as good as other anime by Key. I honestly forgot that a second season was airing until a few episodes were already released. I don’t have time to watch it now  with my busy schedule and with so many other shows airing, but I do want to watch it. I am hoping the second half of the show is better and is up to par with other Key animation shows. Perhaps the first half of the show didn’t have as much as an impact because I watched it disjointedly as it aired. I marathoned other shows like Clannad and Angel Beats, becoming completely invested in the characters and their emotional journeys. I am hoping that binge watching the second half of Rewrite will be a similar experience.

Other Shows From This Season I Want To Check Out, But Haven’t Had Time

Little Witch Academia


Nyanko Days


Scum’s Wish // Kuzu No Honkai


BanG Dream!


What are your thoughts on this season? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? Is there anything else you would recommend? Comment below and let me know! 


7 thoughts on “My Anime Watch List For Winter 2017 And My Thoughts So Far

  1. prattle says:

    “Most posts and comments I have seen about this show complain that is an extremely average show, and I agree. And yet… I LOVE IT.”

    S-So should I give it a watch? I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it


    • Rai says:

      Based on your reviews about shows in the same genre, I don’t think you will like it. The show isn’t bad per se; it is just lacking something to make it stand out. The premise is typical- it has been done so many times that it hard to come up with unique content. The characters save the show for me, and maybe I am biased since I love all of the voice actresses so much. I think people would be more receptive to the show if the premise was different and we saw the girls in a different situation. I don’t think you will be impressed, but if you do try watching it, it does get better, at least in terms of the silliness and comedy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    Omg Neko does look like Asuna. Didn’t even think about that. Haha

    Also, rewrite I couldn’t even get passed the 3 episode. It just wasn’t my thing.


    • Rai says:

      Waifu! <33 Haha anyway, Rewrite is strange. I didn't even realize it was by the same company that made so many of my favorite shows. Hopefully the second season will be more put together.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A.Foo says:

    Nice round up! I’ve watched a little bit of Miss Kobayashi and I’ll go back to it when I need something silly, relaxing and upbeat. Do you like food anime? Koufuku Graffiti is one of my favourites – very cute and sweet but it’s torture wanting to eat all the food!


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