March Video Game News: Current and Upcoming Games

Hello everyone, this is going to be my very first news round-up post. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece asking about the direction I should take for posting news articles (thanks again for everyone who replied) because I really wasn’t sure how to go about it.

It turns out that I have been writing mostly video game articles for my ANN internship, most likely because they are considered low priority and I am just an intern ;~; Haha anyway, I decided to make a post about the different games that I have written about that have received news updates over the past couple of weeks. Below are some links to the articles I have written and my thoughts on the games they discuss. I hope you discover some new games to play. Enjoy!

PlayStation 4 Games

I became instantly interested when I watched this game’s trailer. It takes place in Japan a couple hundred years ago. Seeing the village, the scenery, and the culture from that time is fascinating. The graphics and music are great too. I would love to play as the little samurai kid!

This is a press release, so technically I didn’t write it; I just formatted it and pasted it on ANN. The press release doesn’t look like much, but I decided to look up the game and the special pre-order item… and it’s soooo cute! Even without the plushie, the game looks really fun and different. It is actually the successor to the game Akiba’s Trip, which inspired the recent anime. You can learn more about the game here.


I have never played any of the Neptunia games, nor have I watched the anime. However, I have always wanted to because… whoever designed the female characters… oh my god. They are perfect. Even without this, though, the games look interesting and like the kind of game I like to play.

This game reminds me of a strange version of Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale. The story is about a virtual idol (kind of like Yuna) so takes people into a virtual reality. Ironically, her name is μ, which is almost identical to the name of the idol group in the original Love Live anime. Weird.

Toukiden 2 Game’s N. American Launch Trailer Streamed

I had never heard of Toukiden, but, based on the trailer, it looks pretty epic.

Visual Novels

It makes me happy whenever crowdfunding helps more creativity be released around the world. There are so many visual novels I want to play, and this is just another added to the list. I really like the artwork and character design of the girls. You can see a trailer for the game on its Kickstarter page.

This is another press release that announces the release of a visual novel. The story is about students who hunt ghosts. The art looks dark and creepy, which I like. This might be an interesting game for anyone who is a horror fan.

PC Releases

Senran Kagura Estival Versus PC Version Trailers Show Ikki Tousen DLC

I’m sorry. I just can’t. I don’t mind some fan service, but this game is just ridiculous. I… I can’t even express how it makes me feel. But if you like fan service, and huge-breasted women fighting each other while their clothes get torn off, check out this game.

3DS Games

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Game’s New Trailer Previews Super Mario Bros. Outfits

If you weren’t aware, Story of Seasons is actually a Harvest Moon game. Its name is different, however, because of copyright issues. This game came out in February, and Super Mario outfits are available for the characters to wear. And. they. are. adorable.

I am starting to think that writing about all of these Japanese games is not a good thing because I keep finding more and more games I want to try, including this one. It looks like the typical setting of an adventure game, like in Konosuba or Re:Zero, but it seems really adorable.

Nintendo Switch Games

This is another game and anime I have always wanted to try, but have never gotten the chance to. In this article, NIS America is streaming Disgaea’s opening movie in celebration of the game being released on the Nintendo Switch. I have a fascination with demons so my ever-growing list is getting even longer.

If this pattern continues, I will post another update about more video games in a couple weeks. Or a round-up post with similar article topics. Please let me know if you liked this post or if it introduced you to any new games you are going to check out :3

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