Japanese Culture’s Influence On Its Education System

I am graduating from grad school next week. Yay! Anyway, in order to graduate, I needed to complete my “Final Project.” Basically, this was a hypothetical research proposal and we could write about anything related to education. Naturally, I chose Japanese education.

As an anime fan and someone who is interested in education, I noticed that schools and educational settings were always portrayed a certain way in anime. I also noticed that their practices were very different than the ones I was taught about in grad school and the ones I implemented when I was teaching. I began to wonder how Japan’s culture affected the way they run their schools and teach their students. I also began to wonder if their practices were effective in helping students learn because I am very interested in people’s different learning styles. Thus, my research proposal was born.

The following is mostly the literature section of my project. I apologize if it isn’t written in the most entertaining manner. My professor wanted it to be academic and basically sucked the creativity out of my writing. If you aren’t familiar with literature reviews, it is supposed to review different research studies, and be written as if “the researchers are having a conversation with one another.”

I apologize if it is a bit much to read. I plan to post versions that are even more simplified and break down the concepts more. I also plan to incorporate the things I learned through my research into blog posts about anime. My research really clarified many things I have seen in school-based anime and helped me better understand Japanese culture in general. Even though the paper is through the lens of an educator, I highly suggest reading it if you want to learn more about Japanese culture.

I want to point out that although I do talk about many negative aspects of Japanese culture, I still love Japan with all of my heart.

I apologize that the literature review ends abruptly. Time constraints and my professor’s preferences prevented me from adding more. I definitely plan to research these concepts and write about them in more depth.

If could read this, even a little bit, I would appreciate it!

*Please note that the Scribd document may not work on smartphones and it may redirect to Scribd.com. I apologize for this, but I thought putting the paper in a document would be better than pasting the whole 20 page paper in the blog itself. I also apologize if the format is a little wonky; Scribd is being stubborn.

Note: This paper talks heavily about anxiety and depression in students, as well as bullying. If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, or have been bullied, please seek professional help.

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