One Year of Blogging Special

I can’t believe it. I began this blog a year ago! It’s very surreal. Part of me feels like I’ve had this blog for years, while the other half of me feels like I am just getting started.

Although, I technically created this blog on July 3, I actually didn’t publish my first piece until July 23rd. When I made the blog, I was so unsure. Last year, I had a terrible experience at a job, which made my anxiety go out of control. Even though this blog was part of my hobby, it is connected to writing which is part of my career. And because of my bad experience, anything related to my career… sent me into a panic attack.

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At first, I couldn’t work on the blog for more than a while without freaking out. So from July 3 to July 23, I slowly worked on getting the blog together and writing my first piece. You can read my official first post here (a huge thank to Rocco B for being the very first person to comment on my blog!). Looking back, it is very embarrassing… I was so hopeless back then. But as much anxiety as it gave me, it was my first step in becoming an anime blogger.

Now this blog no longer gives me anxiety and I absolutely love it. I have written some pieces I am very proud of, and have made many otaku friends. I’ve also been doing my internship with Anime News Network, which I never would have thought possible a year ago.

Sorry, enough of me rambling. For this post, I am going to list the pieces I have written over the last year that make me proud to be a writer.

My Personal Favorites


Analysis: The Use Of Symbolism And Metaphor In Your Lie In April

This was my very first analysis that I wrote on here. I break down the different symbols and metaphors used in Your Lie In April, mainly the black cat and its different forms. There are countless other symbols that I go over as well. Looking back, it is massive O_o I rewatched the entire anime and took tons of screenshots. I took me forever! But I am extremely proud of it. The post has over 2,000 views! If you missed this one, please go check it out.

Why Are Love Live and μ (Muse) So Popular?

This franchise is the obsession of many anime fans. After watching the anime and getting into the idol group, I became just as obsessed myself. I started to contemplate why the franchise was so popular and why I had become so enthralled. This post is an accumulation of the reasons this idol anime has become such a phenomenon.


The Workplace In Anime: Two Vastly Different Experiences In New Game and ReLife

As I mentioned above, I did not have the best experience in the workplace. This made ReLife incredibly relatable to me. In general, it is a very uplifting and positive anime for anyone who has had some personal troubles in their life. Although I really enjoyed New Game, I found its workplace setting a little too good to be true, and I found ReLife to be more realistic. In this piece, I compare the workplace experiences in both of these anime.


Is Lizzy A Proper Lady? Part 1- An Analysis Of Black Butler Based On The Gender Roles Of The Victorian Era

Is Lizzy A Proper Lady? Part 2- An Analysis Of Black Butler Based On The Gender Roles Of The Victorian Era

Black Butler is my favorite manga of all time. One of the many reasons why I love the series is because it takes place in the Victorian era, which fascinates me. After reading Sense & Sensibility, I began to wonder if Lizzy, Ciel’s fiance, would have been considered a proper lady with all of the strict gender roles of the time. These are probably my two favorite pieces I have ever written. Please read them.


Who Was Iro In Flip Flappers Episode 6? An Analysis and Explanation

Flip Flappers Episode 7- Why Were There So Many Papikas? An Analysis of Cocona’s Identity

Flip Flappers Episode 8- The Crazy Robot Fights Symbolizes More Yuri Themes

Flip Flappers Episode 11- Is Cocona’s Mother Insane? An Analysis of Pure Illusion And Its Effect On Personality

Flip Flappers… This anime was something else. An enigma. A trip. Innovative. The amount of symbolism and secondary meanings was incredible. The anime was so well thought-out that I couldn’t help but feel inspired to write. If Flip Flappers was too weird for you, please read these to help you better understand this show. I never wrote about the last two episodes, which I hope to do eventually. I also want to rewatch it from the beginning and analyze the first couple of episodes.

The Job Keeps Getting More Ridiculous- The Growing Use of Satire In Five Nights At Freddy’s

This isn’t anime related, but this is one of my favorite pieces I have written. I have been a fan of Five Nights At Freddy’s since it first came out. The game has transformed with every release, and one thing I noticed was the growing use of satire. The games always had some satire, but Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location had much more blatant satire. Click this link and then go to Now Loading to read the full article.


The End Of Euphonium 2- Hints At Kumiko’s True Feelings For Asuka

Prior to this season, the anime always hinted at Kumiko having feelings for Reina. However, the end of Eupho 2 provided an alternate relationship. When the final episode of Eupho Season 2 aired, the yuri community exploded. I watched season 2 from the beginning and looked for any hints about Kumiko’s feelings for Asuka. You can read all about it in this article.


Izetta: The Last Witch- Representing A Positive Image Of Witchcraft

I am fascinated by religion, especially witchcraft. However, this religion has an extremely negative reputation. Because of this, I loved Izetta. It shows a positive image of the real religion of witchcraft, a religion that worships nature, not the devil. In this post, you can learn more about witchcraft’s history and why it is considered so bad. You can also learn why Izetta is such an amazing anime, even though it did not get the best reviews.


Is Pokemon Go Against The Morals Of The Pokemon Franchise?

I am a huge fan of Pokemon, so I naturally play Pokemon Go. Although I enjoy the game, it has different values than the canon Pokemon games and anime. Read this post to see an analysis of how Pokemon Go uses a different set of morals.

Asuna Ordinal Scale

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale and Rant About Asuna As A Female Character

I love Sword Art Online and I love Asuna. While people are entitled to their own opinion, it bothers me when people needlessly hate on the anime. I get especially annoyed when people hate on my waifu Asuna. This post analyzes Asuna’s character and how the movie Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale helps prove how strong she really is.

Japanese Culture's Influence On Its Education System

Japanese Culture’s Influence On Its Education System

This was my final project for graduate school. It is a literature review about Japanese education, where I analyze whether or not Japan’s education system is supporting the individual needs of its students. The paper is super long… But I would appreciate it if you would check it out! This paper is my baby.


Hinako Note Review and How Relatability Helps Us Enjoy Anime

This anime is close to my heart because the main character has social anxiety, which I find very relatable. On top of this, the anime is fun, cute, funny, and filled with yuri. However, it did not get the best reception or the greatest reviews. In this piece, I review the anime and discuss how our personal perceptions affect how we enjoy anime.

OWLS Posts

This past year, I also joined the social justice group OWLS (Otaku Warriors For Liberty and Self-Respect). It has been an amazing experience and I have met so many great bloggers! I am really glad I decided to join this group 🙂 I have written some of my best pieces for OWLS! Every month, OWLS comes up with a new theme and we all write a piece about it based on an anime of our choice.


Would Yuri and Viktor’s Relationship Be Accepted In Their Own Countries? Homosexuality in Japan and Russia (OWLS February Blog Tour)

The theme for February was love and respect in Yuri On Ice. I wrote a research piece discussing whether or not Yuri or Viktor’s relationship would be accepted in their countries on origin.


Chuunibyou- A Disease or Sanctuary? (OWLS March Blog Tour)

The theme for March was sanctuary. For this topic, I decided to write about my favorite anime Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions and how the characters’ delusions acted as their own form of sanctuary.

Avatar The Last Airbender Katara Aang Sokka

The Colorful World Of Avatar (OWLS April Blog Tour)

For April, the OWLS theme was color. I wrote about Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra because it is the most colorful world I can think of, in terms of skin color and sexuality.

Teko Embarrassed

Strength By Overcoming Anxiety in Amanchu (OWLS May Blog Tour)

The theme for May was strength. I decided to write about anxiety because I believe overcoming anxiety takes its own form of strength. In this piece, I analyze Teko from Amanchu, a beautiful anime about a girl’s struggle to overcome her fears.

Strawberry Panic

Yuri Anime and Manga: Validating Lesbian Relationships As Real (June OWLS Blog Tour)

June is Pride month! To celebrate this, the theme for OWLS was pride and team. Because I am a yuri freak, I wrote about yuri manga and anime. Although I love the genre, many series show both positive and negative themes about lesbian relationships. In this post, I write about the importance of validating lesbian relationships.

Elfen Lied Lucy Nyuu Kaede

Elfen Lied- Accepting Every Part Of Yourself, Good and Bad (OWLS July Blog Tour)

The theme of July was mirrors and self identity. I chose Elfen Lied, an infamous anime about both murder and forgiveness. In this post, I wrote about Lucy’s journey and how she needs to accept every side of herself, both “human” and inhuman.

And there you have it! These are all of the articles I think are worth reading from past year 🙂

You can also read my reviews here.

I wanted to do something else to celebrate my year anniversary, but I am not sure what… I was thinking of taking requests. Are there any anime you would recommend to me or pieces you guys would like me to write? I dunno.

As the very last thing, I would like to thank everyone who has read this blog, and all of the support I have gotten. Thanks again! :3 I hope to continue this blog for many years to come.

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9 thoughts on “One Year of Blogging Special

  1. Matthew says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary. It must have been a struggle to deal with anxiety but you managed to conquer and continue blogging. You are a powerful writer 🙂


  2. Rocco B says:

    CONGRATS RAI!!!! :D. Wow a year has flown by!!. I agree, it certainly feels much longer xDD. Keep on blogging for many years to come!!. And glad that you have come a long way. Meeting some cool peeps along the way and helping in overcoming your anxiety. Be proud of yourself.


  3. Mr Anime Lover says:

    Good luck for years to come bro! I’m happy for you.
    Also I read your summary post here its pretty cool!
    I also agree with you that in order to provide a good article on anime
    we should re-watch it for how many times to get the details
    and add more information. Keep up the good job bro! congrats!


  4. nesha eiga. (▼ェ▼メ) says:

    first of all, thank you for followin my blog. i really happy someone like you with a good writing skills and good community noticing my blog. btw, damn one year! i really want to have a growing blog like you in one year from now. great job.


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