Discussion Of Netsuzou Trap Episode 5 (My first podcast appearance!)

Hello everyone, I have good news! You can now hear my high pitched voice! 😀 A fellow ani-blogger, Juju, invited me onto his podcast to discuss the controversial yuri series Netsuzou Trap. This is my first ever podcast and I was very nervous. I say “umm” or “like” a lot at first, but I get more comfortable toward the end. I had a great time overall and I think it went well. Discussing anime verbally was a very different experience than writing about it. Thanks again to Juju for letting me come on his podcast!

In this video, Juju and I (I am the guest “Rai”) discuss the fifth episode of Netsuzou Trap and all of its crazy shenanigans. We have very different opinions on the show, so it makes for a good discussion. Juju thinks the series is doomed to trashiness, while I think it has some interesting psychological undertones, despite the show being a mess.

I hope you enjoy it! And yes, I am the girl talking 🙂



2 thoughts on “Discussion Of Netsuzou Trap Episode 5 (My first podcast appearance!)

  1. Rocco B says:

    A very good collab with Ju, Rai!! :D. Yeah, I understand. Years ago I tried something similar but alas it didn’t go according to plan, so I pretty much dropped it. Doing something verbally is nerve-wracking. However you got your rhythm going, so well done!!. Looking forward to anyother collab in the future :D.


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