Where Has Rai Been Lately? Busy But Not Gone

Hi everyone, hisashiburi! If you haven’t noticed, I have not been actively lately, but I wanted to let everyone know I’m not giving up on this blog. I’ve just been… super busy.

Last year I was mostly freelancing, and my flexible schedule allowed me to always put some time aside for this blog. I was planning to continue freelancing full time when something happen… I unexpectedly found a new job! A full time writing job. I applied to it on a whim because it was near my house and seemed like something I would like… and lo and behold, they got back to me right away and hired me right away!

Sakura Quest Yoshino

And it’s been… a surprisingly good experience. My last full time job was AWFUL- so bad I got panic attacks and didn’t want anything to do with American work culture. That terrible job is actually what inspired me to create this blog. I knew I wanted to write about things I am passionate about- like anime and yuri.

So, what is this new job?

No, it’s not anime- or yuri-related, unfortunately. But it is really awesome. It’s a small company that is a vendor for Samsung. So… I get to write about Samsung products all day 😀 I even get to mess around with new, unreleased gadgets and write content about them. If you’ve ever had a Samsung product and looked online for help, that’s the kind of stuff I am working on. I’ve been improving old articles and writing content for new products. I’ve also been writing articles for the S+ app, which is a fun app that talks about Samsung products, electronics in general, and some lifestyle stuff. Being able to literally write all day and be paid on a salaried basis (instead of per-item the way freelance companies do) is truly amazing.

As for the culture… it’s a perfect fit for me, the complete opposite of my last full time job. There are only a few employees, all of whom are very nice. Actually, most of them are Korean since Samsung is a Korean company. I am not as familiar with Korean culture as I am Japanese culture, but they seem to have a similar work ethnic. Everyone is polite and likes to focus on their work- you are also allowed to wear slippers around the office (that’s probably my favorite thing)! The atmosphere is very quiet and calm. Even if things do get a little stressful because of deadlines, it’s nothing compared to the stress of my last job.

New Game Hifumi and Aoba

At the same time, however, the atmosphere isn’t overly serious. We have some fun and joke around sometimes. I have become very comfortable since I began working there, which is shocking since I take a very long time to open up to people. I think one thing that makes me very comfortable is that the dress code is casual, and you can basically wear whatever you want. Instead of having to dress like a teacher (which I hated), I can be my tomboy self.

The Only Issue Is… Time

Now that I am working full time, it means having a set schedule and getting home late. When I first started the job, I was always tired at night, but I have gotten used to it. That means I can focus more on anime and other forms of writing. I was working on a big freelance project for an educational company, which ate most of my time. I was even working on it during my lunch hour every day. It’s something I had agreed to before I got the new job, and it ended up taking a lot longer than expected… But I had to see it through. I think that project is over now, and I am praying that I get a break. I might do some work for that company in the future (because educational writing is still my passion), but I will tell them I’ll need a smaller workload. I’m also still tutoring, but it’s only on Saturday, so my weekdays nights are almost completely free.

Oh, and a while back I mentioned how my fiance was moving in… she is officially in! Most of the construction is done, so that won’t be taking up any more of my time.

Rai's Figures IA, Kaori, Yuki, Lightning

Some of the figures in our mini apartment.

The Future?

With everything settling down, I plan to make more time for this blog. I really miss it. I think I’ll be able to keep up with the blog because if I could work on my freelance stuff an hour a day, then I should be able to write at least a couple blog posts a month. That is, if you take Breath Of The Wild away from me… I always end up playing it for hours and forgetting about everything else. But in all seriousness, I will try to be as active as possible.

If things get crazy again, I will make an announcement on Twitter. And if I don’t make an announcement… well, you’ll know where I am.

Konata Lucky Star Typing

Me at work

I hope to write about some of the ideas that floating around in my head. I want to also go through all the comments on here…. Sorry to everyone who I never replied to. Oh, and I also plan to do some more work for Anime News Network in the future… actually, I never posted my previous work for them here @_@

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings… It felt really nice to write this post. I don’t have to worry about matching a certain tone or staying within a word limit, like I have to at work. I can just write the way I want to ;___; Anyway, thanks again to everyone who follows this blog or follows me on social media.

I will see you around!

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13 thoughts on “Where Has Rai Been Lately? Busy But Not Gone

  1. Ryan Dave Jimenez says:

    Are you living in Korea? I’m assuming since you have Korean co-workers. And yeah, I can relate to being a freelancer. The free time is awesome but sometimes having a regular salary is better too. haha


    • Rai says:

      No, I live in New Jersey haha. But my company is owned by someone from Korea, so there are a lot of other employees from Korea. Plus, there is a large Korean community in my area 🙂

      And yes, freelancer has its ups and downs.


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