Interview with Kerry and Lindsay

Interview with RWBY’s Kerry Shawcross and Lindsay Jones

After four days of early morning bus rides, questionable meals from food truck, and navigating around thousands (literally) of people, I survived New York Comic Con 2017!

And soon, I am going to do it all again at NYCC 2018 as new correspondent! Last year, I had a great time overall, but my favorite part of NYCC was my interview with Kerry Shawcross and Lindsay Jones from RWBY. In this piece, I asked them about some of their anime influences, along with some other things. It also covers the RWBY panel at Madison Square Garden and some of my personal thoughts on the show – such as how I find the dialogue very believable.

RWBY Figure

The Blake figure I got 😀

I can be really shy in person, but Kerry, the current director of RWBY, and Lindsay, the voice of main character Ruby, were super nice and I opened up pretty quickly. Their love of anime was really obvious – I feel like I could have talked to them about anime for hours.

If you aren’t familiar with RWBY, you should go check it out. Now. It’s technically an American show, but it has the heart of an anime. Just look past the animation in the first season and you’ll see that it has a well-written deep story, along with lovable and unique characters. Not to mention, there is some yuri between Blake (my waifu) and Yang ❤

Anyway, as the seasons go along, the series (especially the animation) just keeps getting better and better. It’s really a must-watch, no matter what your credentials for a “real” anime are.

Please enjoy the interview (and mini panel report), and go check out RWBY! …And also enjoy this cute Bumblebee fanart by Mishaworks.

Bumblebee RWBY


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