Spooky and Cute Anime Episodes to Watch This Halloween

HALLOWEEN IS HERE! ūüėÄ And to celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of Halloween anime episodes that are cute, lighthearted, and funny, (and filled with girls) for the anime fans who may not like horror.

Author’s Note: This is an update of a post that was previously published two years ago.

Amanchu ~Advance~ Episode #6 – The Story of a Halloween Night’s Dream

Teko in Halloween costume

Amanchu is one of my favorite anime and Halloween is my favorite holiday… so this naturally one of my favorite episodes! In it, Teko feels excited and bewildered as she experiences a surreal Halloween. Later, Teko and Kokoro participate in a scavenger hunt, both fighting for a kiss from Pikari (there is some strong yuri in this episode :D). At the very end of the episode, Teko and Pikari both enter a Halloween dream, where they¬† dance together.

Comic Girls #6- I’ll Go Shave All¬† My Hair Off

Comic Girls Episode 6

Comic Girls is an adorable slice-of-life anime about a group of aspiring mangaka girls who live in a dorm together. The main character Kaos is very nervous and skittish in general… but then a new girl named Fuura moves into the dorm, and she LOVES horror. For the first half of the episode, Fuura purposely scares poor Kaos, who can’t help but have funny yet cute reactions.

Gabriel Dropout #6- Satania’s Counterattack¬†

Gabriel Dropout Episode 6

Gabriel Dropout is about a (mostly) fallen angel and all her supernatural friends.¬†Near the end of this episode, there is a very short segment where Satania (my girl!), Raphi, and Vignette show up at Gabriel’s house in Halloween costumes. At first Gabriel really isn’t into the idea of Halloween. Eventually, they drag her out of her apartment in an adorable costume and go trick or treating. But of course with Satania there, it doesn’t go so well.

Hinako Note Episode 9-¬† We’ll Have A Training Camp

Hinako Note Episode 9

Hinako Note is cute girls anime about a group of, well, girls who are part of a theater club. In Episode 9, the club decides to have a training camp for their upcoming performance and stay at school over night. But Yua is very scared of the dark and panics when she has to walk around the school at night. Yua’s imagination starts to get the best of her and it results in some creepy yet funny moments. There is also some yuri between Hinako and Yua ūüėČ

A Centaur’s Life Episode #5 – Antarcticans Are Like Walking Rumors

A Centaur's Life Episode 5

Snakes give the heebie jeebies to a lot of people, including Hime from A Centaur’s Life. When she gets a new classmate that’s literally a giant, talking snake, Hime has to learn to become comfortable around her. But the reason she is so scared is because of a movie she watched when she was little… that showed killer snakes. Scary scenes from the movie are shown throughout the episode, and it turns out Antarcticans aren’t quite so scary.

Sailor Moon Episode #20-  The Summer, the Beach, Youth and Ghosts

Sailor Moon Halloween Episode

In this filler episode, Usagi, Ami, and Rei decide to go on vacation during their¬†summer break and stay at a pension house. But… the mansion’s employees all dress and act like monsters. And on top of this, a strange ghostly figure haunts the mansion.¬†This is an incredibly silly episode. The scary characters are over-exaggerated as are Usagi’s reactions to them. You can’t help but laugh.

As a side note, this episode never aired in the United States, so you might want to check it out!

Attack On Titan: Junior High Episode #8- Spine-chiller! Titan Junior High School

Attack on Titan Scary Episode

Unlike it predecessor, Attack On Titan: Junior High is is hilarious. In this episode, the members of Class 1-04 hold a test of courage and go to their school at night. However, they all get scared and split up. Insanity ensues with a mixture of both funny and spooky moments – and since I already love these characters so much, it makes everything so much funnier. It’s probably my¬†favorite “test of courage” episode in anime.

Maria Holic Alive Episode #10- Holy Man’s Scapegoat

Maria Holic Scary Episode

Maria Holic is about a queer girl named Kanako who has a haughty and cynical roommate. As a trick, they¬†give Kanako a cursed rosary. The rosary makes “an adorable little girl” haunt Kanako every night, and she tries to get rid of the rosary. Although a large portion of the episode focuses on Kanako’s yuri fantasies, it does have many funny elements of horror. For Kanako, the scariest part is trying to get rid of a male priest who won’t leave her alone.

Cardcaptor Sakura Episode #17- Sakura’s Terrifying Test of Courage

Cardcaptor Sakura Scary Episode

While on a school trip to the beach, Sakura and her friends take part in a test of courage.¬† While walking through the cave, Sakura and Tomoyo notice that all of the other students have vanished. Sakura realizes it is the work of a Clow Card and uses Li-Kun’s help to defeat it.¬†This episode is definitely a little more serious and less comical than some of the other ones I mention in this post. However, it’s not overly scary.

Non Non Biyori Episode #6- I Became a Ghost and Tried Hard

Non Non Biyori Test of Courage

In this Non Non Biyori episode, there’s is a short segment where the girls do a test of courage in the forest. Koma-chan is a scaredy cat and decides to be the scarer. But as the scarer, she is left alone in the dark as she waits to scare the others. Her imagination gets the best of her and she ends up scaring herself instead. Her fails are utterly adorable.

Ouran High School Host Club Episode #21- Until the Day It Becomes a Pumpkin

Ouran High School Host Club Halloween Episode

In this episode, Haruhi’s class decides to set up a test of courage at their school for Halloween. Haruhi, the twins, and the class rep are placed as scarers. However, Tamaki gets jealous because the mischievous twins get to enjoy the event with Haruhi, while he is stuck elsewhere. Because of this, he, Nekozawa-senpai, and the other members of the Host Club create an elaborate scheme to scare the pants off of the twins during the test of courage.

Sakura Trick Episode #4- Is This a Test of Courage?!

Sakura Trick Scary Episode

Sakura Trick is a yuri anime! The two main girls, Haruka and Yuu, realize that their relationship goes past normal friendship. In one episode, their friends set up a test of courage (?), so Haruka and Yuu go through the test together. Yuu’s older sister, Mitsuki, follows them and calls out Yuu’s name. But Yuu gets scared, thinking it’s a ghost. In the confusion, Mitsuki gets scared too, and all the girls freak out.

But just a warning –¬† this show has a lot of fan service.

Love Live! Season 2 Episode #6- Happy Halloween

With their growing popularity, the girls in Muse are invited to perform in a Halloween Event. The girls try to change their image so their performance can have more “impact,” but in the end, they dress up in personalized Halloween outfits. Because of the event and the Autumn season, there are Halloween decorations everywhere. This creates a spooky yet adorable environment throughout the episode.


The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya Episode #13

Haruhi-Chan Halloween Episode

In this crazy spin-off of¬†The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya,¬†Haruhi wants to celebrate Halloween, but really isn’t sure how. Therefore, she does some research and begins making things up as she goes. This includes bossing around the other members of the SOS Brigrade and… making a strange pumpkin idol? Whenever Haruhi is around, strange things happen.

Rei-kan- The Whole Series

Rei-Kan Cute Ghosts

Rei-kan is a slice-of-life anime about a girl who can talk to ghosts. But this anime isn’t eerie or scary-¬† the ghosts are all very cutesy, chibi, or funny! The ghouls follow Hibiki around and cause all kinds of trouble. And the other characters are funny as well. Inoue is terrified of ghosts and always gets freaked out by all of the paranormal activity. Then there is my favorite character, Makoto, who is obsessed with undead dolls.

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