Interview with Princess Principal Director Masaki Tachibana

Last year, Princess Principal was one of my surprise favorites. In fact, I think it took a lot of people by surprise – it seemingly came out of nowhere and blew everyone away with its adorable yet bad-ass characters, interesting and dynamic story, and its awesome steam punk setting.

Then, I received another welcomed surprise at AnimeNYC 2017, where I was freelancing as a news correspondent for Anime News Network. I was able to interview Princess Principal’s director, Misaki Tachibana! What stuck out to me about Tachibana-sensei is how much thought went into all of his answers. It’s obvious that he also put a lot of thought and care into the series itself – which is why it was such a success.

Image result for princess principal beatrice gif

I still feel so honored to have interviewed him.

Please read my interview with Misaki Tachibana, where we discuss the anime’s premise, the feelings between Ange and Princess, the Black Lizard Planet, and more. I also did a panel report on Tachibana’s other events, such as Q & A session. Be sure to check that out as well!

I will be attending AnimeNYC as a new correspondent for ANN again this year. I already had the honor of doing a pre-convention interview with singer/songwriter TRUE and the adorable singer Luna Haruna!

A huge thank you goes out to Anime News Network and the staff at AnimeNYC. I am looking forward to this year’s convention! ^.^

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