Interview with Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Director Fumihiko Sori

With the Vic Mignogna controversy going on, I have been thinking a lot about Fullmetal Alchemist. But this post isn’t about the voice actor or the dubbed anime. It’s about the live-action movie that came out last year.

Fullmetal Alchemist was one of my favorite anime when I was in middle school, and I have been wanting to re-watch the original adaption and watch all of the Brotherhood adaption, which I have only seen parts of.

But the truth is… with all of the cute girl other anime I’ve been watching, I kind of forgot about Fullmetal Alchemist for a long time. That is, until the live-action movie came out. At AnimeNYC 2017, I got a first look at the live-action adaption and I got the chance to interview the movie’s director, Fumihiko Sori, thanks to Anime News Network.

In the interview, Director Sori discussed his reasons behind certain decisions he made in the film, like its plot, graphics, and other cultural aspects. Director Sori was extremely nice and courteous – and not to mention, his English was really good!

Make sure to check out the full interview on ANN.

As for the movie itself, I really enjoyed it. This actually surprised me because I usually don’t like live-action adaptions. Ever. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but I did really like it (at least the subbed version; I heard the dub was done poorly).

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As I say in my review, “maybe nostalgia is skewing my view of things.” I admit that it was really great to see characters I liked so much reimagined for the big screen. But there were other things I liked about the film.  I thought they did a good job of adapting the manga, especially with the limited amount of time they had. My favorite part of the film, however, was probably the special effects. The graphics for Alphonse alone are amazing. This is all thanks to Director Sori, who has done a lot of special effects for different movies, including Titanic. Yes, that Titanic.

To see more of my thoughts, please read my entire review on Anime News Network~

If you have seen the movie, please leave a comment below! I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions because it got a lot of mixed reviews. This is understandable, but I think some people were a little too harsh. It’s not like it was Dragonball: Evolution… Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, the movie can be streamed on Netflix.

Thanks for reading~!

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