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Yuri Fans Can Love Guys Too: My Favorite Male Anime Characters

I noticed something about my blog recently. I’m always talking about girls. Whether it’s my animated waifus, female manga characters, or real-life idols, I’m always like girls… gurls… GIRLS.

I’ve also noticed a weird trend in the yuri community: some overly zealous yuri purists hate men or don’t think they should be in certain anime or manga. I’m a huge yuri fan, and I completely disagree with this.

So, I decided that I need to give the guys some love too! And I compiled a list of my favorite boy anime characters. They’re mostly from popular series because many times – not all the time but quite often – I watch lesser known series that have entirely female casts. (I am an avid yuri/cute girl fan, after all.) It’s kind of rare when I watch a series with guy characters in it ^_^;

Even so, all of the characters in this article are meaningful in their own way and add depth to their series. Please enjoy my list~

Ciel Phantomhive

Main character from Black Butler Kuroshitsuji

Ciel from Black Butler is my #1 son. Not because his mother shares the same first name as me, but because I feel an incredibly strong attachment to him. Yes, he has done terrible, unforgivable things. But at the same time, he’s lived through some truly traumatic and horrendous events. As more about his past is revealed, the more I empathize with him and the more I fall in love with his character. (He’s still a bad boy, though :o)

Speaking of which, Ciel is one of the strongest characters I’ve ever come across. He never budges or falters. He’s cunning, aloof, and downright ruthless. But when he does show weakness (which isn’t very often), it’s to provide some kind of character development – and then he goes right back to being old ol’ Ciel. Tobosa Yana-sensei is an amazing writer. Her writing has etched Ciel in my heart as my all-time favorite male character… even if everything he does is questionable. Oh, and on a side note, I love how fabulous he is 😀

(For manga readers, I’m referring to Our! Ciel obviously :B)

Deku (Midoriya Izuku)

Young Deku

Does he even need an introduction? Everyone loves Deku from My Hero Academia, including meDeku is a precious cinnabun that must be protected. I love him. He’s dorky, nervous, and a crybaby – and I mean that in the most endearing way possible. It’s adorable. When he gets all shaky, teary-eyed, or uptight, the parent in me comes out.

Not to mention, Deku’s jumpy demeanor reminds me of myself. I’m a very anxious and sensitive person IRL. His fidgety reactions are spot-on with how I feel on a daily basis. Yet, Deku doesn’t let it get in his way. He’s able to overcome his shortcomings and work toward his dreams. BTW, the way he fanboys over All Might and other heroes just adds to his cuteness.

On top of this, Deku is incredibly analytical, which I admire. He proves that winning a battle isn’t just about brute strength (though he does have plenty of that). A victory can also be attributed to strategy, environmental factors, and much more. Did I mention Deku is precious? Because he is. HE’S JUST SO PRECIOUS.

Armin Arlert

Smart blonde boy from Attack on Titan

Armin from Attack on Titan is like an adorable bunny I want to snuggle. In many ways, Armin is similar to Deku: anxious yet smart. And adorable. Are you seeing a pattern?

Anyway, in the beginning of the series, Armin is meek, self-conscious, and skittish, which are not desirable traits in a Titan-rampant society. However, as time goes on, he learns to use his intelligence to create clever plans and counter the titans. Eventually, Armin starts to become more confident and is recognized as a core member of the Survey Corps.

I love Armin because… if I lived in the walled world of Paradis Island, I would be the same as him – at least in the beginning. Honestly, between my nerves and frail stature, I probably wouldn’t last long. But Armin proves that intelligence is also a form of survival – though, admittedly, I’m not anywhere near as smart as Armin. Additionally, I love how he’s always trying to come up with a peaceful solution. I’m the same way – I hate conflict and fighting.

Characters like Armin (and Deku) help me realize that even smol people can find their way 😀

Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto)

Kirigaya Kazuto

I am probably going to get so much hate for this… but… I love Kirito from Sword Art Online. There, I said it. No going back now! I have heard every insult imaginable thrown at Kirito… he’s overpowered, he has no personality, he’s a Gary Sue… These are all statements I disagree with, but that’s a discussion for another day. Leth from Lethargic Ramblings does a great job of countering these arguments in one of his blog posts. There is also some great discussion in the comment section.

I like Kirito because, at least in the beginning of the series, he’s a loose canon. As someone who overthinks doing even the simplest tasks, I respect someone who can just  do whatever they want. However, underneath his facade, Kirito is very vulnerable. When you read the light novels, you learn a lot more about his (actual) flaws and what he’s really thinking. On top of this, it’s revealed he has anxiety and is socially awkward, which is something I can relate to. But Kirito doesn’t let his doubts get in the way he what he needs to do – again, another thing I respect. And hell, fighting through an entire game – while having anxiety – knowing you might die at any time? It’s very brave.

I also find Kirito really funny. This could be because of his voice actor  Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. There is just something about his vocal performance that always make me laugh. He talks and I just start giggling. But aside from that, I’ve really enjoyed seeing Kirito grow up over the past couple of years.

P.S. Sorry to break it to you, Kirito, but Asuna is MY waifu ❤

Enta Jinnai

Boy with glasses from Sarazanmai

Sarazanmai just finished but I already consider Enta as my queer son. He is just… so cute! I don’t usually watch or read yaoi series, but from my limited experience, the guys in BL are almost always these dreamy guys. Or, they are extremely flamboyant like Jakotsu from Inuyasha. (Please correct me if I am wrong; this is from an outsider’s perspective.)

Enta is just a normal boy who happens to have a crush on another boy. I love his normalcy – I think it helps make his character and LGBT representation more realistic. Plus, the way he is always having some elaborate fantasy about Kazuki? It’s too cute. I want to squeeze him for being so precious. On top of this, he is on the dorky side. If you haven’t noticed from reading this article, I adore nerdy guys ❤

~ Honorable Mention ~


I wasn’t sure if Conny from How To Keep A Mummy counts since he isn’t human… but I needed to include him. Because, you guessed it, he is just too cute! He reminds me of a misbehaved toddler and the parental instincts come out of me yet again.

Little demon oni from How To Keep A Mummy

Mii-kun is adorable too


That’s everyone I have for now, but there are definitely more male characters out there that I like. Maybe I will do a followup post with more fictional guy characters 😀

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6 thoughts on “Yuri Fans Can Love Guys Too: My Favorite Male Anime Characters

  1. Lethargic Ramblings says:

    These are some really awesome picks and a few of my own favourites are in here too!

    It was really interesting seeing your explanation for each of the picks. I agree with much of it (and who doesn’t love Deku?)

    And thanks a lot for mentioning my pretty old SAO post. I really appreciate the shoutout!


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