Yuri Is My Job Was A Pleasant Surprise (Volume 1 Review)

With so much media being created nowadays, sometimes it’s difficult to find something truly original. And as much I love it, the same can be said about yuri manga too. I’ve read sooo much of it that different series can blend. There’s almost always a high school, gay angst, a boy that gets in the way… and so on.

Yuri Is My Job Cover

But, for me, Yuri Is My Job by miman was a breath of fresh air. It has a really unique premise. Before I go any further, I admit that I was very worried when I first heard about this series. Based on the name, I thought it was going to be filled with negative Gay-For-Pay and S-Class tropes. And while it does have these elements, they’re actually used really well: to add a level of satire to the story.

Basically, this manga is about a girl named Hime, who ends up working at a cafe where a cast of female waitresses perform skits. Yuri-filled skits. Their routines are like something straight out of Strawberry Panic or Maria-sama Ga Miteru. “Sisterly” embraces, flowery backdrops, and a girls-only school setting – all done in a way that’s hilarious.

Yuri Is My Job Hug

The picture above is a great example. It may be hard to understand out of context, but here’s a quick summary: the actresses are having a gay moment during their skit, and the cafe’s customers are losing their minds over it. (That is exactly how I react when I see yuri xP).

For a more in-depth look into the manga and my impressions, you can read my full review of Yuri Is My Job Volume 1 over at the OASG(This is a two person review; make sure you are reading my section! :3)

If you’re a big shoujo ai fan, you should definitely check out this series. On the other hand, if you aren’t familiar with the different yuri tropes, you may not get all of the jokes. It would probably be better to read this once you’ve watched/read the aforementioned girls love series.

I’m pretty behind on the the newer Yuri Is My Job volumes since I’m drowning in so many other series. I hope to catch up on it soon because it’s perfect for a laugh.

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5 thoughts on “Yuri Is My Job Was A Pleasant Surprise (Volume 1 Review)

  1. gamingonairde says:

    I Love that serie it is Funny Crazy and So Sweet how the act from me it can get continued. if there is someone what can rate me one like that kind of serie please comment under that comment I will wait for answers and great review really all that u need to say u say it.

    Much Greetings from


  2. Inskidee says:

    It’s been a while since i’ve read a Yuri that breaks away from the typical archetypes of the genre so this was a very intriguing read. I’m looking forward to picking up this series!


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