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Quick Poll: Please Take It To Help Out My Blog :)

Hi everyone~ In my first post of the year, I talked a little about my prospective plans for this blog in 2020. I even asked the audience some questions about what they’d like to see. But the post was really long-winded, and my questions probably got lost among the barrage of words.

So, I decided to be more straightforward this time and made a poll! It’s about what you, as a reader of this blog, would be interested in seeing on this site. I have a lot ideas planned out already, but I’m also thinking of taking some things in a slightly different direction.

Please take this poll, and feel free to leave a comment below if something wasn’t covered. Or, if you just want to say hi! Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!



2 thoughts on “Quick Poll: Please Take It To Help Out My Blog :)

  1. moyatori says:

    Maybe the poll got lost the first time by people who use the WordPress reader. I figured after a while that I had to actually read it on your blog, lol. 😅

    Open to reading almost anything on this blog!

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    • Rai says:

      Oh, that’s a good point. But I didn’t actually make a poll. I kind of just said stuff in passing like, “Blah blah. Would anyone like to see my creative writing?”

      But thanks for letting me know that the reader gets weird and thanks for the input! ^.^

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