Creative Writing Section Now Up!

Another month, another nonexistent blog post. I apologize that I have been so inactive on here recently. The main reason, besides the insane state of the world right now, is that I moved in to my own place with my fiance recently!

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I have been so focused on the move that everything else fell to the wayside, including this blog. However, I did start a new writing project a while back, and I thought I should share it, so my readers at least have something from this blog instead of just blank pages and silence.

* ~ I added a Creative Writing page to my header! ~ *

It links to my personal poetry/short story site. I explain this on the page itself, but my creative writing is VERY different from the stuff I post on here. It’s very dark and angsty.

Feel free to check it out! If you’d like to leave a comment about one of my creative pieces, please do so on here. It will be easier to keep track of everything that way (I think).

As for this blog… Once I am completely settled in to my new apartment, I believe I will be able to start writing full-length pieces on here again. Having my own space – and a functioning desk – will help with my concentration and creative process. At least I hope so.

Thanks again to everyone who reads and supports this blog. Until next time – whenever that is!



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