About Rai

Hey, it’s Rai.026Raichu_Dream

Why is the image and name of Raichu pasted all over this site and my social media? Because Raichu is very much like myself.

It is a mouse– small, petite, and quiet. This definition is pertinent to me. Although I am 25, I look like a real life loli; I am tiny and fragile. I am also very shy and quiet.

However, despite being a mouse, Raichu has one distinguishing feature: its ability to produce deadly lightning. This relates to me as well. No, I do not have the power to use electricity (unfortunately). But I have one special talent and that is my writing.

I have extreme difficulty communicating verbally, but for some reason when I write, everything comes out clearly. And usually shocks whoever is not used to hearing this little mouse’s voice or opinion.

Because of this gift of mine, I went to college and got a Bachelor of Arts in Writing. I also recently received my Master’s Of Arts in Teaching. Outside of this blog, I write about education and the English language.

What You Should Expect From This Blog

As a writing major and graduate student, I have written a myriad of research papers and analytical pieces. Many of my blog posts are going to analyze and discuss different aspects of anime. However, sometimes I might write lighter pieces, reviews, or personal things.

Although I love a plethora of anime, in terms of genre, this blog is going to be mostly focusing on yuri,  moe/loli/cutesy anime, magical girls, idols, and slice of life. I am also a huge Pokemon fan. However, I am going to try to mix things up as much as possible.

Here is an example of the kind of adorable, yuri-ish anime and characters that I can’t resist:


Rize, Cocoa, and Chino from Is The Order A Rabbit?



Aya, Alice, Karen, Shino, and Yoko from Kiniro Mosaic



Yui, Kyoko, Akari, and Chinatsu from Yuru Yuri