Pokemon ORAS

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Review

I finally did it. I FINALLY completed my Pokedex in ORAS! It took a total of 2 years (4 years if you include the first time I played the game), but I did it! :') Why did it take so long? Because I am insane... I catch every single Pokemon from scratch. I don't trade from … Continue reading Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Review


Music Girls (Ongaku Shoujo) Anime Review

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE idols. So, when I heard about the anime Music Girls (Ongaku Shoujo), I needed to check it out. Right away, I could tell this anime was going to be... different. The series is about a girl named Hanako and an unpopular idol group called … Continue reading Music Girls (Ongaku Shoujo) Anime Review