My Creative Writing

Besides blogging about geeky stuff, I also love creative writing, especially poetry. I love stopped writing creatively for a long time but recently picked it up again. I finally feel confident with it enough to share it everyone! After all, my original dream was to become a professional novelist or poet.

Just a warning before you delve into the world of my creative writing. It’s dark. And angsty. My presence on this blog and social media tends to be very cheerful and cutesy, but this is only one side of my personality.


The other side is nervous and fascinated with darkness. That’s why my creative writing site is called Amphibious Dreams – I explain more on the site itself.

Oh, and the site really has nothing to do with anime or other geeky stuff. It’s just a plain, ol’ poetry/short story site.

Amphibious Dreams is a collection of new material, some of my very first poems, and some writing from a couple of years ago. I plan to add more as time goes on. I hope you enjoy it!