Love Live! Sunshine!! Review

I am a huge Love Live fan. It's an obsession that has literally taken over my life. Tons of merchandise... idol music on my phone... constantly playing the gatcha game... pining over waifus. However, even though I love the LL franchise, the second season of Love Live Sunshine left me feeling a little bittersweet. It … Continue reading Love Live! Sunshine!! Review

Rai’s Recommendations: Anime Titles From 2016

Although 2016 was a very difficult year for the world and for me personally, it certainly delivered when it came to enjoyable anime. There were fantastic stories, great slice 0f life experiences, moe shows, and some groundbreaking yuri and other LGBT shows.      I focus mostly on the latter- anime with cute girls and yuri … Continue reading Rai’s Recommendations: Anime Titles From 2016